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Water Sports

The list of water sports in Thassos is endless. You can have fun with pedal boats, water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, windsurfing, banana, ringo, mambo, sea parachuting, sailing and rowing.

Water sports can be found in the north and south of the island. In the north you will find Chrysi Ammoudia, Pachy and Skala Rachoni and in the south Pefkari, Potos and Psili Ammos.

Boat Tours

If you like day trips and visits to secluded beaches you can make boat trips. You can choose whether you want to visit nearby beaches or the island.


Sailing is a sport that calms and refreshes the senses. There are many options from large and luxurious boats to smaller ones that any traveler can rent in Thassos.


If your hobby is fishing you can visit small harbors, steep cliffs or coves, where if you are lucky you will be able to catch a lot of fish and seafood.


Thassos is famous for its clear blue waters. It is an exciting experience to explore with the special diving suit, the natural treasures hidden under the sea.

You can find diving schools in Limenas, Skala Prinou, Pefkari and Potos.



You can enjoy bike rides either on the ring road that runs through the island or in the dirt trails of the green mountains. Many travelers take part in the International Cycling Bi-Day of Thassos, where it is an impressive route of about 92 kilometers. It starts from the coast of Agios Antonios in Potos and tries to combine racing, but also touring cycling.

Mountaineering and Hiking

Thassos is an island that can combine mountain and sea and meet all the needs of tourists. It has wonderful trails that you will discover by hiking either alone or with the support of the Thassos Mountaineering Association. A location suitable for mountaineering is the highest mountain of the island Ypsario, where there is a shelter where you can stay.

4x4 routes

In addition to walking and cycling you can tour the island with a 4x4 vehicle. There are many mountain trails that are rocky and not suitable for ordinary cars or bicycles, so it is necessary to either rent 4x4 vehicles or take part in the Jeep Safari. The Jeep Safari is an organized tour of the hidden beauties of Thassos accompanied by an experienced guide.

Horseback riding

Another activity you can do in Thassos is horseback riding. In the villages of Theologos and Skala Prino you can ride either alone or with special teachers who will teach you to ride. You can enjoy your walk near the sea or the mountain.

Train of joy

There are two trains in Thassos. One train offers a relaxing tour near the sea in the villages of Skala Panagia and Skala Potamia. Then he gives a tour and ascends to the mountain villages of Panagia and Potamia. The other train offers evening tours in the island's capital, Limenas.